The Vedic civilization is not just the oldest surviving civilization today, but was also the most advanced scientifically and philosophically. Shabda aims to revive the understanding of the science and philosophy of the Vedic times.

We believe that the Vedic system is complete, perfect, non-sectarian, and open to everyone. It has been preserved by a succession of enlightened teachers and disciples who stayed independent of political, social, and economic forces, unlike many other systems that compromised many of their teachings and principles to accomodate such forces. Its time-tested endurance indicates that it needs no compromise for modern time.

For the benefit of those who might be unfamiliar with the Vedic system, although educated in the modern academic disciplines, we also compare and contrast the Vedic ideas to those in modern philosophy, mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, cosmology, economics, sociology, political theory, and organization theory.

We occasionally also compare and contrast the concepts and practices in the Vedic system to those in other religions, although this is not a big focus area for us. These contrasts are generally illustrative, rather than exhaustive.

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