SHABDA aims for an intellectual revival of the Vedic tradition which has been largely forgotten, misunderstood, or maligned by various piecemeal and ignorant interpretations that equate it to mythologies. The Vedic tradition is evergreen and better than any other system of thinking created in the past or the present. But the intellectual revival of the Vedic tradition cannot occur unless we show that the system is eternally true, relevant at the present, and better than all other ideologies.

All debates about historicity—i.e., who wrote what at which time and place—are irrelevant if the Vedic system is true, relevant, and better. We can stop seeing the Vedic system as mere poetry, history, literature, or belief and see it as a science.

The term “Vedic Science” makes people uncomfortable because they don’t know that what they call modern science is actually a “Christian Science”. This is because all ideologies spring out of a self-conception and model the rest of reality on that self-conception. Modern Science is based on a conception of the self given in Christianity. Vedic Science is instead based on a conception of the self given in Vedic texts.

Hence, we should ask: Which is a better self-conception? Which conception explains the world better? And which conception creates a better life? Such questions and answers make the conversation non-sectarian and pertinent to each person.

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