Please Read Below Guidelines Before Contacting Us

  1. We are unable to cross-promote other people’s content. We request you to not send us requests for promotion or cross-promotions. We have nothing against anyone, but we are focused on what we do.
  2. We know everything there is to know about SEO and content marketing. We have tried everything there is to try, ourselves. Please don’t offer your help in this area. We wish you well in your endeavors.
  3. We appreciate your appreciative emails, but these appreciations are much more useful if given through book reviews. Your appreciation will go much further to help us, if you can write detailed book reviews.
  4. Please don’t ask us about milestone events that are regularly updated via our newsletter, such as when a certain book will be published. We send these newsletters whenever there is something important to know, and it is counterproductive for us to update each person separately about them.
  5. We don’t stock books; everything is sold via Amazon. Therefore, please don’t ask us questions such as “How should I buy a book?” and “What does it cost?”. You can easily search and find these things either on our website or on Amazon. You can also find relevant information before your purchase.
  6. Questions like “Which books should I read first?” are unanswerable by anyone other than yourself, because readership of a book completely depends on your expertise and interest in a given area. Succinct descriptions are available on our website. We appreciate you spending time reading on it.
  7. If you have technical, scientific, or philosophical questions, please use the forums website. That is the place to discuss things back and forth, and the answers are long-form. We are happy to discuss any topic, at any length, on the forums. Please don’t contact us with comments suited for a discussion.
  8. We don’t counsel or help people on health issues, addictions, relationship issues, and other such personal matters. This is not our area of expertise. We are sympathetic to your difficulties. However, we would advise you to contact other experts who are more appropriately suited to advise and help you.
  9. We welcome your criticisms, suggestions, and corrections, but please use chaste language while contacting us. Abusive emails will be silently deleted. It is possible that you have different views, which is fine, and we are happy to discuss them if you are interested in a serious debate or extensive discussion.